About Negotiating Spaces

Negotiating Spaces is an evolving installation composed of photography, video and text that strives to begin an intergenerational dialogue about Canadian national memory. This project works to reconnect the individual and land by critically investigating Canadian perception-of-space, memory and identity.

Postcard Anecdotes is a participatory installation where the public is invited to write personal recollections about the impact of railway about the places/spaces they call home. The community is welcome to write on postcards or (record oral stories) and hang them in the installation(s).The postcards together build an alternate archive of narratives that are not in the history books, rather those that live in the memory of the people, community and land.  The anecdote as a written form moves to open up a conversation about contemporary Canadian rail culture, through which we may confront our daily movement, mark memories and re-write history.

Negotiating Spaces has visited:
Riding Mountain National Park, Waywayseecappo First Nation, Sandy Lake, Erickson, Dauphin,Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Nipissing First Nation, North Bay, Wikwemikong First Nation, Manitoulin Island, Mississaugi First Nation, Blind River, Sudbury, Toronto

Artist Bio
Lindsey Bond’s lens-based work explores socio-geographic issues in Canada. As a third generation Canadian, she creates pervasive imagery through a settler lens, exposing our need to reconnect with the ground we live on. Bond works with a photo-documentary ethic as a lift-off point to create street level photographic and postcard installations, books and video. Bond’s practice has begun to focus on collaborations and alliances between indigenous and settler communities to further investigate Canadian perception of space, memory and identity. Current projects include: investigating the shifting ground surrounding defunct rail-lines in Manitoba, and the bridge as a metaphor for personal transformation. Lindsey received her BFA in Photography from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and studied Visual Communications in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bond’s work has been exhibited across Canada including: Gallery 44; offsite installation on King and Spadina, Toronto; Latitude 53 Contemporary Visual Culture; public transit installation in the Edmonton LRT, Harcourt House Arts Centre and The Richmond International Film + Media Arts Festival. To view more of her work please visit www.LindseyBond.ca

This project is generously supported by Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Jumblies Theatre, The Inspirit Foundation and ACI Manitoba.

One thought on “About Negotiating Spaces

  1. Hi Lindsey, it was lovely to meet you and Keith on the Canadian in July – hope you enjoyed your celebrations! Thanks for sharing your website, it’s so interesting to learn more about the social history of the train in Canada. I’m reminded of the changes in Britain which were prompted by our railway, particularly the adoption of a single standard time across the whole country (whereas before, eg Oxford was 5 minutes behind London) and the effects that ‘sharing our time’ had on creating a shared sense of place and connectedness. Good luck with all your work, and feel free to get in touch if you end up in London.

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